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Personal Stories - OCD Treatment

Personal Stories

Facing OCD is not easy. In fact, it takes the average person 7-10 years to seek professional help as reported by the International OCD Foundation. The stories posted here are from past clients who hope to support and inspire others suffering from OCD by understanding that you are not alone and there is HOPE. We thank our clients for sharing their stories and for the privilege of joining their journey to conquer OCD.

If you are willing to dedicate the time and energy to reclaim your life, Gateway is here to support you. We are ready to help you and walk with you every step of the way.

Real Clients, Real Stories

Read Kristiana’s Story

Kristiana has lived with OCD since she was a young child. She received treatment from The Gateway Institute in 2015. Read about her OCD story here… READ MORE

Read Ana’s Story

My OCD journey began 14 years ago at the age of 12. All of a sudden, school was dirty to me. When I got home, I had to shower immediately and…. READ MORE

Read Kerry’s Story

In 2010, I had three years of failed talk therapy under my belt — I was never told there was specific treatment for OCD, much less that my quality …. READ MORE

Read Anna’s Story

My OCD journey began when I was about 15 years old although I had already been struggling with an eating disorder for about two years…. READ MORE

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