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Gateway OCD - Support Groups

Support Groups

The Gateway Institute offers treatment sessions for those suffering from OCD, as well as families seeking additional support and answers about their loved one’s OCD.

We offer a 2-hour weekly group session twice per week (Tuesday & Wednesday nights), and a family group sessions that is held the second Saturday of each month.

OCD/Anxiety Support Groups

The teen and young adult group meets on Wednesday nights from 6-8PM.

The adult group meets on Tuesday nights from 6-8PM.

Led by our therapists, each group focuses on providing support, guidance and treatment solutions related to each individual’s progress. Sessions incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and home-based challenges that are assigned weekly. The interactive group setting offers a chance for members to interact with others who can appreciate the daily challenges of this often disabling condition.

Participation in group sessions requires an initial assessment prior to admission. For more information, please contact The Gateway Institute at (714) 549-1030 or complete the online registration form below.

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