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Why Choose Gateway

Have you had the unfortunate experience of moving from one form of treatment to another, and only have left feeling frustrated and discouraged with little of hope of ever getting better?

The staff at the Gateway Institute understands where you’re coming from and is committed to your healing. With extensive experience in treatment OCD and other anxiety disorders, we will provide you with the necessary tools and strategies that you need to be successful. With 24 hour support and home visits you will never be alone, and with our guidance, you will be able to reach levels of success that you only dreamed of.

Whether you choose the 3-week OCD intensive treatment program or the weekly program, we will follow you every step of the way. With the intensive program, our clients will benefit from home visits that are unique from most treatment centers. This allows the therapist to help guide the client through challenging home-based exercises. In additional to home visits, the therapist will also be conducting a large number of exposure exercises outside of the office environment to further assist the client with more difficult tasks that they would normally have to do alone. This will only further enhance all treatment experience for all clients, and will provide you with yet another advantage of choosing Gateway.

If you are traveling to Gateway from another state, we have followed clients through their homes via virtual sessions after returning from the program during the 6-week After-Care program, which is also unique to the Gateway Institute. We believe that the 3-week OCD intensive program can be highly effective, but a follow-up treatment program is imperative to monitor ones gains, and ensure that they remain vigilant, and continue to follow their designed program in the weeks ahead.

Another component that cannot be overlooked is the family involvement. Families are often on the outside looking in with limited guidance and support. Most likely, they have been using every natural instinctive response to try to help and support their loved one who is suffering, including reassurance, only to find that it backfires, and often, reinforcing the condition. This also leaves them feeling helpless and demoralized, and they are left scratching their heads, asking, why is this not working? Each member of the staff at the Gateway Institute will go above and beyond to assure that each family member is properly educated, and involved in the treatment process as much as possible. The families will be provided with effective tools and strategies in order to help facilitate the treatment process in a productive manner, and eliminate the enabling behavior that they have become so accustomed to.

In addition to the client, the families will also be given 24-hour support to address any questions or concerns that they have during treatment. We believe that if a significant stressor arises, we would prefer to address it in the moment, rather than having to wait until the next scheduled appointment.

The Gateway Institute is dedicated and committed, and we will do all that we can to ensure success, and fulfill our mission to return you and your family to optimal health, and well-being.