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Helpful Links and Resources



Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

International Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 961029 Boston, MA 02196
Tel: (617) 973-5801
Web site: www.iocdf.org

  • Newsletter
  • Information on Self-Help Groups
  • Book Catalog

Obsessive-Compulsive Information Center

Madison Institute of Medicine
7617 Mineral Point Road, Suite 300, Madison, WI 53717
Tel: (608) 827-2470 Fax: (608) 827-2479
Web site: www.miminc.org

  • Information for the Public and Professionals

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
8730 Georgia Ave., Suite 600 Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tel: (240) 485-1001
Web site: www.adaa.org

  • Newsletter
  • Information on Support Groups in the United States
  • Names of Professionals Who Treat Anxiety Disorders in the United States and elsewhere
  • Book Catalog

Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders

Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada
194 Jarvis Street, Suite 206 Toronto, ON M5B 2B7
Tel: (416) 861-8398
Web site: www.tourette.ca

  • Newsletter
  • Information on Support Groups
  • Information, Education, Video Library

Trichotillomania Learning Center

1215 Mission Street, Suite 2 Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tel: (831) 457-1004
Web site: www.trich.org

  • Newsletter
  • Information on Support Groups in the United States
  • Information Package
  • Video

Additional Internet Resources and Articles

Internet Mental Health
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
A website for teens and young adults with OCD
OCD Talk – A blog for OCD sufferers and their loved ones
For Parents, Teachers, and Students:

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