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OCD Inspiration

This page was created to demonstrate the powers of therapy, change and transformation that is possible from getting treatment for OCD and anxiety disorders.

This page will be an ongoing source for inspiration for those that have not made it to the other side of OCD and anxiety disorders. The stories here are meant to be reminders that it is possible to overcome OCD and anxiety. We understand that it is difficult for people with OCD and anxiety disorders to see themselves as healed or living a “normal” life in the future. Sometimes it is hard to see past today when you are stuck doing rituals over and over. This is why it is important to constantly remind yourself in treatment to press on and remember every victory. It is also crucial to see that others have already made it to the other side and they too, could not have imagined living a life free from rituals. This page highlights the stories of individuals that have overcome their obsessions and compulsions, and are able to live a productive life free of OCD. As you will see, they never thought they would get better, but in the end, they did. They shifted from surviving with OCD and anxiety disorders to thriving in life. Never give up, and you too will be able to tell your own story someday. We look forward to seeing you on the other side, and posting your story here too.

Chris & Liz Trondsen

Chris & Liz Trondsen gave their key note speech at USC in 2011. Chris and Liz have inspired so many by showing sufferers that healing is possible and family members that OCD doesn’t need to run the household.

Ethan S. Smith

Ethan gave one of the most inspiring OCD recovery stories we’ve ever heard at the 21st Annual OCD Conference this last July. He is an inspiration to anyone fighting an OCD battle. Thank you, Ethan, for putting light on the path for others to follow.