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Treatment is within your reach!

The Gateway Institute is dedicated and committed, and we will do all that we can to ensure success, and fulfill our mission to return you and your family to optimal health, and well-being.

At The Gateway Institute, our goal is to ensure that our OCD Intensive Treatment Program is accessible to all who need it. Whether you live in California or anywhere else in the United States or abroad, traveling to the Gateway Institute is convenient and affordable.

While staying here during treatment, our clients and their families also have convenient access to restaurants, theaters, book stores, local shopping mall, and much more, all within walking distance. Traveling from out-of-state should never be a limiting factor in receiving treatment. Instead, traveling to The Gateway Institute aims to be a pleasant experience.

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San Francisco Bay Area

419 30th Street, Suite 3
Oakland, California 94609
Ph. (510) 444-4810
Fax. (510) 444-4818

Serving San Francisco Bay Area

Scottsdale, Arizona

18940 N Prima Rd, #165
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Ph. (480) 214-9543
Fax. (480) 248-8024

Serving Maricopa County and Arizona

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